Heart-Mind Coherence Yoga (Single Session)

Every Tuesday – 7 PM to 8 PM

This is an introductory offer for one session only.


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  5. Important pre-class preparation
    1. Schedule nothing during the 30 minutes before class.
    2. In that 30 minutes, make sure that your computer is powered up, the connection is working, and try to log in to the meeting. Once you do, leave it connected.
    3. Lay out your mat, prepare a towel and water nearby if you think you might need it.
    4. Standby on your mat at least 2 minutes before starting time.

See you soon!



In modern society, whenever Yoga is mentioned, it is often referring only to the movements of the physical body, which is called Yoga Asana, one of the 8 Limbs of Yoga. Yoga means union, the union of both sides of duality – ie; Yin & Yang, Masculine & Feminine, Black & White, Day & Night, Sun & Moon. It is an approach to a way of life that is not separated, not categorized, unlimited, expansive, all-encompassing, full, complete, unified, inclusive. To achieve that ultimately is to embrace all 8 Limbs of Yoga into our daily life. Each interconnected and intertwines with the others, none precedes the other, none complete without the other.


Regardless whether you’re a Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced or Aspiring yogi, yoga has no prerequisites and does not require any prior experience. It is accessible to all regardless of age, make, shape, size, or religious beliefs. For most people, the common response towards Yoga is that they are not flexible enough, and so they give up even before trying. This is a great misconception attributed to all the glamourizing and publicity it has received via social media. In truth, Yoga has no prejudice, it does not discriminate nor choose. It is for everyone. It is a work in, not a workout.   Yoga brings immediate benefits such as physical vitality and mental clarity. It is known to regulate the breath and slow heart rate, reduces cortisol (stress hormone), increases serotonin (value, self-worth) and dopamine (enthusiasm, passion), and brings about many other positive health benefits such as a healthy immune system which reduces the risk of diseases and illnesses. Long term practice is known to instill calmness, heightened awareness, peace, and joy.  


    Yoga Asana is one of the 8 Limbs of Yoga. It is the most direct way to connect to and bring awareness to our inner being through the 5 senses. Asana practices in the mornings, ideally more in the form of “Ha” yoga is recommended, to wake the body and activate the senses, as to how we warm our cars up for a smooth and safe journey. Yin or “Tha” yoga is ideal for the evenings as it is much more passive and therapeutic, bringing us back into our bodies as we unwind and move away from the hustle and bustle of the day.
    Prana is life force, vitality, and power. It flows in everything, surrounds everything that exists, visible and non-visible, living and non-living, permeating the entire universe. It is the essence of all life. Prana regulates the functions of all our vital body including physical, mental, biological, emotional, and spiritual. Pranayama is not breathwork. It is more than just the breath. It is in essence using the breath to regulate our prana/energy/chi/qi/lifeforce.
    Meditation is a state, not a practice. It is not contemplation, thinking nor concentration. The mind is silent but completely alert and awake. It is clear, relaxed, and inwardly focused. Some say prayer is when you speak to God, Creator, Universe, meditation is when you listen.


There are many many benefits to adopting yoga into our lives. Yoga is an ancient science that existed long before it was documented some 5000 years ago by Sage Patanjali, who also documented the science of Ayurveda. Here are just some apparent benefits that we can see, feel and experience –

  1. For those who are new, have always been curious and wanted to try but thought that they couldn’t, you will see that you can yoga!
  2. You will step out of every class feeling good and pat yourself on your shoulder just for showing up!
  3. You will notice an increase in flexibility. Of course, the degree will vary from person to person and some may notice it immediately while others probably after a few times of sustained and regular practice.
  4. A by-product of yoga practice is the relaxation of the body and mind because even though there seems to only be physical movements, but the mind is very much required to be in sync throughout.
  5. Over time, you will gain new muscle memory and increased motion of movement. Strength and flexibility protect and supports the bones and joints, preventing unnecessary injuries.
  6. Yoga asana inculcates awareness through our 5 senses. We become more aware of our own strengths and limitations, gain deeper understanding of our body and mind, and teach us to be kind and gentle on ourselves, eliminating self-judgment and achieving greater self-acceptance.
  7. Overall you will begin to improve and heal your own body, mind, and soul. You may have a change in perspective, learn to trust more, and let go of control over things you have no control over. In short, you will feel lighter and reduce stress.

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