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Revolution of Education Marketplace

Founded as a start-up in 2020, Mind In Store aims to be the leading eCommerce platform for educational sales and marketing in the region. We kick-started off the idea of an Online Education market place during the COVID-19 pandemic. As all outdoor activities came to a halt, the online platform has become the basis for conducting courses and modules.

We know that almost all coaches/tutors are going through a tough time in getting their courses moving. From switching on-site courses to online courses, from an employee of an educational company to self-employment, not to mention doing self-marketing and promotions. Furthermore, payment and collection from students have become a nightmare. We understand the pain points of these coaches and, therefore, Mind In Store is created.

Mind In Store gathers all experts from relevant fields under one roof. Coaches and trainers are welcome to market and promote their own courses and modules. We are constantly and continuously recruiting more coaches/tutors to cover a wider field of audience.

Mind In Store will be the marketplace that everyone goes for courses ranging from self-improvement to educational tutorials and even everyday hobbies like fitness and culinary. Therefore, we have a wide range of target audiences, from working professionals to parents of schooling kids, as well as enthusiasts, such as Yoga, Music, etc.

Mind In Store will always be the connecting point between learners and teachers. We are committed to continuously innovating and enhancing the user experience on our website. Rest assured, Mind In Store is the place Where Great Minds Meet.

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If a child or adult can’t learn the way we teach, we will quickly move to teaching,
the way he learns. Because, we know, mistakes are meant for learning, not repeating!

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